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Should labour be induced?

Q: I am now 40 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby. But still the baby's head has not engaged. I am feeling very sad about this. I am one among those who are expecting normal delivery. Today I went to see the doctor and they took a scan. The doctors said that the amniotic fluid level is adequate and the babys head is mobile and it is in ROP position. The baby’s growth is well and its fetal movements are normal. They told me to come to hospital every two days to check the AF level. They are waiting till the coming Friday. There is a slight bearable pain due to the stress caused by the wait of the baby on my lower abdomen. The baby’s movements are well and sometimes cause a mild bearable pain. I am very much worried about the non-engagement of baby’s head and I am afraid that whether this may end in a caesarian. Please help me and give some tips about this and also say whether the head will be engaged or not in the forthoming days if the labour pain comes…Is this a serious problem?

A:Do not worry as many times the head engages during labour itself. Why dont you ask the doctor to induce labour by Cerviprime intra cervical gel and then start sincticinon after 6 to 8 hours if she feels that your baby is not too big and pelvis is normal. Anyway go for brisk walks and that might help you start spontaneous labor sometimes.


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