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Should I take antidepressants for my symptoms?

Q: I don't know where to begin but sometimes I think I am depressed and have a negative attitude towards myself. I cannot study for more than 2 hours and I easily lose concentration. Most of the times I lose hope and tend to compare myself to my friends. I am unhappy and carry a lot of stress. Can I take antidepressants? I am 22 years old.

A:Depression is very common and if treated in time it has a very good outcome. So my advice is to go and see a good psychiatrist with regards to Antidepressants. Antidepressants are only one part of treatment, it has to be taken regularly and atleast for 6 months after you start feeling better to prevent relapse of Depression. Along with Antidepressant medications, look at lifestyle changes, drink adequate water, exercise, eat fruits, Bananas help with depression. Take on some creative activity, all this will help with depression and with studies. Look at what are the stresses you are going through, deal with them.


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