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Should I follow my dream or seek other career options?

Q: I need help. I am in college and have a passion, which I want to take up as a career but my family is totally against it because it is not very rewarding monetarily. I am very good at it but some how a lot of obstacles always come between me and my craft. I have been practicing it for 3 years as a hobby though it is much more than that for me. People who are not better than me get selected over me for higher levels. I know they are less deserving and it hurts a lot. I am investing emotionally way more than what I am getting. Should I abandon this dream I have been seeing for years and go ahead for further studies or should I be more patient?

A:Choosing a career is a complex decision. There are many aspects that need to be considered before finally deciding. Interest, aptitude, financial prospects are a few of the things that people consider. You need to prioritise these factors and see what works for you. You have not specified what your passion is so it is hard to comment on its future prospects and the viability of it as a career. Try a problem solving approach and list all options you have. Then do a cost and benefit analysis and choose an option that has minimum costs. Have a back up plan in case you feel that the first option is not working out well for you.


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