Quit smoking

Q: I have been smoking around 15-20 per day for last 17 years. Oflate, I have thought of stopping it completely. I need your advise on whether to stop it completely all at once? Should it manifest into some other complication? Because I read some where that there are serious side effects, if some one stops smoking suddenly.

A:You should quit by stopping abruptly. You may have some nicotine withdrawal manifested by nervousness, irritability, craving and sometimes even mood changes. However you can treat this with Nicotine gum although NOT treating it is not dangerous. After the first week you can quit the gum and should have little withdrawal. Any attempt to stop must be accompanied by behavioural changes which include avoiding situations or places that you are likely to smoke, replacing it with regular chewing gum or candy, holding a pencil if you need something to do with your hands, throwing out any cigarettes and lighters you have at home or in the office, and avoiding being around other smokers at least initially.


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