Q: I am suffering from dental and oral disease that gives me foul smell in the mouth even after brushing my teeth. I doubt if it is pyorrhoea and if it so, please advise me the cure and also if you can suggest some dentist in Kolkata.

A:It seems you are suffering from advanced periodontitis. The usual symptom of this is - shrinking of gums from the teeth, gap development in between the teeth, pus discharge from the gums and invariably foul smell. This usually results from long standing deposits on teeth and neglect. This sometimes gets compounded in the presence of some other systemic illness like diabetes etc. Do not worry, you can get it treated by a Gum Specialist (Periodontist). The best would be to visit the R. Ahmed Dental college in Mollali, Kolkatt and go to the Deptt. of Periodontics. I am sure they would be able to help you


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