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Progressive myopia and astigmatism

Q: I am a 28 year old male and recently diagnosed to have progressive myopia. In addition, I have astigmatism. Presently I am wearing - 7 diopter lenses (both eyes) and I have been advised to wear -8 diopter lenses (both eyes). It has been three years since I had a change of power from -6 to -7. I am an avid reader and use computer. Please give me your opinion and advice.

A:From the information you have given us, it is not clear whether you are referring to -7.00 or -8.00 Diopter glass lenses or contact lenses and what type of lens. If they are contact lenses you have not specified the type. Besides, there is no evidence of the astigmatic correction that you suggest. Kindly provide us more details so that we can give you a suitable reply. If you wear contact lenses you have to stay off the contact lenses approximately 48 hours prior to checking the refraction for an accurate result. Your eyes should be dilated and a refraction under dilatation should be attempted which will be correlated with the post-dilatation refraction. Only then it can be determined whether your myopia has progressed or not. Reading and using the computer with correct refraction will not affect your eye health. A good light and right posture could add your comfort.


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