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People make fun of my homosexuality, what should I do?

Q: I am 22 years old homosexual. I am an engineer by profession currently working for an MNC. I am really frustrated by the way things are shaping up in my life. I am planning to study ahead and do an MBA but I am not at all happy in my personal life. I am having major property disputes in my family and also on the professional front plus difficulties because of my being a homosexual. Working in the company for about 8 months my colleagues have an idea about my alternate sexual preferences, so I am sick of being the laughing stock. I think its silly that people in the 21st century give so much importance to sexual preferences. I have not admitted to everyone that I am a gay but I really don't think that I should be hiding it, but looking at the environment I am working in I am having second thoughts. I want to shout on top of my voice that I am gay. Often some of these sleazy cheap guys working in my office make jokes about me being gay, I just feel like bashing them and brutally stabbing them until they bleed to death. Am I depressed? What should I do? I can't even focus on my studies because of all these emotional pressures.

A:You seem to be undergoing a lot of stress both at the professional as well as personal level and appear to be unable to deal with it on your own. Alternate sexual preferences have still not received acceptability in the society and hence give rise to such reactions (like the ones you have mentioned) from people. Your reaction towards it is understandable but not healthy. It would be advisable for you to consult a psychotherapist in your area for the same as this would help you not only to deal with your current problems but will also equip you with the coping skills to deal with similar other problems that you might face in the future.


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