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One eyeball moves more than the other

Q: During the 4th month checkup, my daughter could not focus on things. However, by 6 months she was able to do so. But she had one eye ball going more in than the other when looking down. We feared she had a squint, but the eye specialist said that she was too little to determine in detail. The problem continued though. Now, she is 3 yrs old and has had a detailed eye check up again. Her vision is fine but she has been diagonosed with stigmotosis. She has rugby ball eyes, which I am told is not normal. The doctor has suggested that he will review her eyes in 6 months and if the eye sight deteoriates, my girl may need glasses. I am really anxious and want to get more insight into her condition. Is there something I can do, with regards to precautions or her diet, which could help reduce the chance of weak eyesight? My husband and I do not wear glasses but my father and my husbands mother wears glasses. I would really appreciate if you could suggest an alternative than wearing glasses, of course, eyesight being the most important priority.

A:Every child has a mild refractive error which may not affect the visual acuity, if the vision is normal and the child does not have squint, there is nothing to worry about. Diet does not directly affect the size of the eyes.


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