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No vision in one eye

Q: My 15 years old son is suffering from eye problem. There is absolutely no vision in one eye (dead eye) and the other has a power of minus four. He has this problem since his birth and wears heavy spectacle. We have consulted lots of doctors and all of them have suggested only specs for him. Is there any other remedy to cure his problem. Can his dead eye vision be revived. I am told it is possible now through leaser treatment. Kindly help me on this.

A:It is impossible for me to know the exact cause of the 'dead eye' without performing an examination, but from what you say it sounds like your son may have developed a 'lazy eye' sometimes referred to as AMBYLOPIA. As your son has not been able to see well from the 'dead eye' since birth, then unfortunately, despite the wonders of modern technology it is not possible to revive the vision in that eye. The main priority at this stage therefore is to take great care with the other eye, and to attend your optician/ophthalmologist at regular intervals to maintain an up to date pair of spectacles.


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