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My wife keeps suspecting me of an extra marital affair, what should I do?

Q: After six months of marriage, my wife suspected my involvement with a girl of 10-12 years old. The situation got worse & her parents were involved, but it was not of use. I quit the job. At the new place, she suspected the involvement with a 50 year old lady. I quit the house, but this time it was a young girl. I quit the job and we separated for 2 years. The problem solved a bit for 2-3 years but she started suspecting my friends wife. I left the job after 8 years of service. Two years back, I joined Grasim where she again suspected my involvement with a neighbour, I hardly knew, and I was forced to quit the job. We came 4 months back to Mumbai and here also she has started framing up same thing. I am not allowed to go out of the house for even morning or evening walk. I feel humiliated and insulted; no body visits us. Children are also getting affected. We hardly speak 5-6 days a month. The situation is getting worse, day by day. Please suggest what to do?

A:What you are describing hints towards your wife having profound suspiciousness towards your fidelity. It could be due to some underlying conflict during her developmental stages and is manifesting after marriage. She needs to be evaluated by a professional psychiatrist or psychologist. She might benefit from psychotherapy and/or medicines.


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