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My sister-in-law is affecting my relation with my husband, what do I do?

Q: I am a 32 years old working female married for the last 2-3 years. My husband is a very loving person and I love him a lot. As such we don't have any problem between us. He has an elder sister who is not married because my father-in-law died very early and she raised her brothers and sister. Now she is posing to be a problem between us. We only have a problem when I tell my husband that she said something to me. My husband cannot take this even if he knows that she is at fault. He can't say anything to his sister. She even embarrasses me in front of him. He keeps mum and does not say anything. But, if I say anything in return (which I do very rarely), the whole house including my other sis-in-law, my mother-in-law, even my husband turn against me. This behaviour of hers is reflected in the talks with my parents too. She embarrasses my parents & always talks against them in front of my husband. My husband believes her words like the words of God. This is affecting our relationship a lot. We have a very sweet daughter. Inspite of knowing that his sister is wrong, he is not prepared to hear anything wrong about her, nor does he want to say anything directly to her. He even had a fight with my father about this. Please help.

A:One needs to understand your husband's feelings here as well, since the early life experiences have shaped the attachment with his sister, and that's why he would not be able to adjust to differences between you and his sister. You need to try and work on your communication patterns with her as well and yet to build a relationship. Also don't let this affect your marital life, so that things can get better.


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