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My parents do not want me to meet my fiance too often, what do I do?

Q: I am a 21 years old girl. I got engaged to a family friend recently, and will be getting married soon. It is a love marriage. My fiance is very understanding and I am very happy with the match. My parents are also happy with the match. But recently I have noticed that my parents have become too edgy about the whole marriage thing. They are not talking to me properly. They get irritated on small things, we have an argument every time I go out to meet my fiance. In fact they don't like me meeting him even once a week. I am a working woman, whenever I come back home from work, some or the other thing leads to a fight. I have tried asking them about this change in their attitude but they are not ready to talk things out. All they say is that I am old enough to understand myself. What I can figure out is that probably they are under some financial pressure, even though we are financially very well off. I feel depressed and doubt whether I have taken the right decision of getting married. I can't stay in this environment where no one is talking to each other. I am scared to come back home after work everyday. I love my parents a lot but I can't see them happy. This irritates me a lot and I feel that I have not been a good daughter. Please help me as the environment at home is affecting my relationship with my fiance.

A:I can understand what you must be going through, but at the same time one needs to empathise with your family, if they are upset there must be some reason to it. And the only way to find out is talking with them. You need to express your concerns and the reasons you feel for this changed behaviour, and ask them what they feel about this; express your worries and emotions and give them time and space to talk about this. Meanwhile do not let this affect your future course of life and don't let the circumstances change your perspectives. Do not let this affect your relation with your fiance as that would make matters worse.


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