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My mother is biased towards my sisters, what should I do?

Q: I am a lonely son of my mother. My father expired three years back. My three sister are married and well settled. My mother always favours my sisters. I have put in a lot of share in the source of money/contribution in the house where we live. But my mother always says that I have done nothing for the house and the house belongs to her. She always says that daughters and sons are equal. Once I asked her to clear the concept of equality between the daughter and son, she didn't speak a word. She keeps giving money to the daughters whenever they want but she never helps me. I am very irritated. I am depressed and lose my temper on every thing. Please advise.

A:You indeed seem to be very disturbed. From what you report there seems to be lack of communication between you and your family members, specially your mother. Many a times it happens that we misperceive the actions of others and this in turn colours our perception of everything they do say. Since you have reported that you have tried speaking to your mother but it hasn't worked out, I would advise you to approach your sisters and see if they can help. Tell them about how you feel and ask them to help you out. It is important that you communicate your feelings to your family members, may be it helps you to understand and look at things differently. If this doesn't work out then you can take the help of a professional psychotherapists for the same.


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