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My mother-in-law stares at me all the time, how can I get rid of this?

Q: I am the only daughter-in-law in the family. I don't have a good relation with my mother-in-law. She has a habit of staring at me all the time. She notices all my acts, what I do, eat, how I make food in the kitchen, etc? This habit of hers irritates me a lot. I am pregnant and I am under tension all the time. I am also worried about my child's health due to her. I don't even talk to my mother-in-law. I don't like her face and don't want to talk to her at all. Please give me a suggestion.

A:It sure seems like you are caught in a difficult situation. However, It is not clear from your question who all are there in your family and what is your relationship with others. At times like this it might be useful to get a neutral party involved who can help you to resolve certain differences with your mother-in-law. Set some reasonable expectations of behaviour that your mother-in-law and you can both commit to. I am sure that these difficulties are not very pleasant for her either, so she may be motivated to co-operate. Till such time that there is a change, try and focus away from her and engage yourself in activities that you enjoy. Make sure that you focus on your mental and physical health for the well-being of your baby. You can do this by incorporating an exercise routine, looking after your diet and sharing your feelings with your husband and/or anyone who understands you.


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