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My father is very dominating, what should I do?

Q: I am a 17 year old boy, from USA and I would like to tell you that my parents, especially my father is really very dominating, and wants us to do whatever he wants. He doesn't still know or have confidence in things we do and treats us like we don't know anything and if I argue a little bit sometimes, he simply scolds us harshly, like old times they did. As a result I don't like to talk to him and I always disagree with him. I don't like going where he goes and I don't speak with confidence as I think I am going to be wrong in front of everyone. My confidence is shattered. Can you tell me some ways to ignore these things and keep up my confidence? What can these things lead up to in my confidence? Overall I am very Indian and a tough boy but these things sometime make me really feel down.

A:It is truly unfortunate that your father reacts in the ways that you have described. Needless to say comments from parents that are critical do tend to pull one down. So to that degree it is not unusual that you are complaining of this problem. I would strongly recommend that you try and focus on your own strengths and develop confidence by recalling what you are able to do rather than focussing on your fathers critical comments. If need be you may talk to other people like friends or other members of the family who are unbiased and may be able to give you a perspective. As far as your father is concerned you may want to sit him down and talk to him. Tell him about the effect of his behaviour on you. Good luck!


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