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My father is depressed due to our mother's death, should he remarry?

Q: My mother committed suicide two years ago. My father was very depressed due to this and started taking sleeping and anti-depressant medicines. He's afraid of his loneliness, which is increasing day by day. My sister and I are students of engineering and live in a ostel away from home, hence our father is all alone. We all loved our mother a lot. But suddenly she decided to commit suicide. We have not been able to find any reasons for it. Now, my father is in need of company. He asks about his second marriage. He is 52 years old. My sister and I are in a critical position to answer our father. Our family members also suggest him to remarry. We are not able to forget our mother and are in a desperate and critical condition. Please advise.

A:Your father remarrying does not mean that he is replacing memories of your mother nor does it imply that you have to forget your biological mother. However, this concern and ambivalence is extremely normal. Your father’s extreme loneliness and depression can create problems and needs to be addressed. Also all of you should find some way of discussing the issue and dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, which seems to have piled up. I would suggest that you speak to your father about your concern and family counseling should be considered.


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