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My daughter tried to kill herself, what should we do?

Q: My daughter is studying in X standard and is average in studies. A few days back she took some sleeping pills at night and the next morning I was shocked to see her in a semi-conscious state. We rushed her to a hospital where she recovered. Later, my wife and I asked her why she did it and she simply said I don't know. But she did mention a few things from which we gathered that she is jealous of one of her intelligent friends and feels that we don't give her our time. My wife is a housewife and is a bit strict while I am a service class person who can spend time with the family only on Sundays and dinner every night. I don't know what has prompted her to take this step. Please advise us how to tackle the situation?

A:You must take daughter immediately to a psychologist or a psychiatrist because a suicide attempt is usually an urgent call for help. She is not able to deal with her problem effectively. Or she may be suffering from depression which may be because of psychosocial or biological causes. She is already indicating her problems. Try to be soft on her, give time to her even if you are busy because otherwise it may be too late. Listen to her, try to understand her feelings and thoughts without judging her,support her emotionally, guide and encourage her to talk about her problems. Help her to engage in good routine and hobbies. Hurry and get her medical help as advised.


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