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My brother is neglecting his studies, what to do?

Q: My brother is in 9th standard, studying in India. He is not showing any interest in studies. He is going to school as elders want him to. He makes all types of stories, doesn't care if anyone in the family tells him about studying or a good word. He just neglects. Most of the time he will be outside the home. He doesn't respect elders at home. My father and younger sister tried a lot in correcting him like changing the school, putting him in a hostel, make him learn some spiritual shlokas and meditation; that all was only 3-5 days and he ran from the ashram. I am worried so much. This doesn't seem a healthy way of lifestyle. I live in the US. He doesn't even come near the phone. It is since 6 years from now. When I visit India, he tries to hide from me and doesn't like to speak much and tries to avoid us. We lost our mother when he was 5 years old. My father married again after 2 years. They say she is looking after well. But we don't speak. Please suggest some way in getting him on the right track.

A:Your brother is going through a difficult adolescent period, and it seems a continuation of the difficult time he has had since childhood. Losing a mother at an early age, and also seeing the father moving on in life with another lady, he has had an unstable beginning. Preaching would not help. He needs unconditional acceptance and love. It is also desirable to consult a clinical psychologist or a counsellor to get professional help.


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