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medicine for diabetes

Q: I am a Diabetic. What is the latest tablets for diabetes available now. Presently Fasting 120 Post lunch around 200I am taking Dionil - 2 per day and Glyciphage 2 per day. Please advise new powerful tab.

A:Daonil is the brand name of a medicine called glibenclamide. Glyciphage is the brand name of a medicine called metformin. Glyciphage comes in two strengths: 500mg and 850mg. You have not mentioned which one you are taking. I presume you are taking 500mg metformin (Glyciphage). While you have given your age, you have not given your height and weight. These have profound effect on the course of diabetes and selection of proper treatment. We generally give metformin to people who are over-weight for their height. The simple thumb rule is that weight should be approximately the number of inches in height. For instance a male with 5 7 height should be around 67kg or less. Your major problem is there is a spike after food; your fasting sugar level is not bad.In order to cut short further correspondence I give below the options: 1. If you are normal weight you can shift to long-acting glipizide 10mg (brand name: Glipicontin 10 Continus) initially once daily with breakfast for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, if your blood sugar level is still not below 160mg PP after 2 hours, you can increase to 20mg daily i.e. 10mg twice daily. After three more weeks, if your blood sugar level is still not controlled, you can add Glyciphage 500mg with breakfast and 500mg with dinner i.e. twice daily. 2. If you are over-weight, you should straight away take Glipicontin 10 Continus with breakfast along with metformin (Glyciphage) 500mg with breakfast. If not under control after three weeks, you can increase to Glipicontin 10 Continus twice daily with Glyciphage 500mg twice daily. 3. I hope you are doing some sort of exercise such as brisk walk for 45 minutes daily to cover no less than 4.5km. This is most essential because it reduces the dose of anti-diabetics and controls sugar by its utilisation by small muscles of the body. If you do not do at least this simple exercise, I am afraid you will need insulin sooner than later.


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