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Management of diabetes

Q: I am a diabetic since August 2001. I am 33 years of age and my weight is 61 kg and height 169 cms. My parents and my elder brothers(five) are non-diabetics and belong to a farmer family. Presently I am working as a Dy. general manager in BSNL. My blood sugar is fasting-140, post lunch-190. I am on Amaryl 1 mg which I take before supper every day. Earlier I was on Dianil one in the morning and one in the evenning. Before I was detected to be a diabetic, I was very healthy and active and had no severe sickness. I have lost approximately 4 kg of weight and would like to look normal i.e gain some weight. Is my present dosage(Amaryl 1mg) sufficient for me or do I have to change it? As I have lost weight, should I continue my morning walk? How can one know that the sugar lebvel is higher than normal? Are there any symptoms? I urinate 5/6 times a day. Is it an indication? Can I take more water? What fruits can I take? Please advise.

A:1. As a young diabetic, blood glucose F-140 and PP-190 is high and needs to be controlled (target F <110 and PP <140 mg%). 2. Amaryl, that you are taking is a good drug if under the guidance of your doctor. With beter control your weight will improve. 3. i. Continue morning walks. ii. Blood sugar can be known only by checking it (not by symptoms). Buy a glucometer for that. iii. Increased frequency of urination may be because of high blood sugar. iv. Take water as per your thirst, there is no advantage in deliberately taking less or more. v. You are underweight because you are losing sugar in blood, so food intake should not be restricted. Eat diabetic-type of food. No restriction of calories for you but keep blood sugar under control. All fruits can be taken by you except grapes, cheeku. Take small helpings but more frequently.


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