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Ketosis and diet

Q: My mother is suffering from diabetes for the last 12 years. She was on oral medicines. Last week she was admitted to Hospital where the doctor diagnosed her of having type 2 diabetes with high ketosis. The doctor put her on the insulin and saline water and ketosis was nil in 24 hours. My question is whether ketosis can re-occur again and would it be fatal for her life and what is the diet she should have? Please advise me which fruits she can have and can she have fresh coconut water daily.

A:Ketosis (ketoacidosis) can recur and can be fatal if not treated immediately and insulin is a must, though once recovered it may be controlled with oral drugs. A diabetic diet is simple and the principles of the diet are: (1) small and frequent meals ie. every 3-3.5 hours something muts be eaten. (2) all foods can be taken but as far as possible in their natural form. Most fruits can be taken. Specific advice about diet depends on multiple factors ie. weight, s-creatnine, blood sugar level etc. Once blood glucose level is controlled coconut watre can be taken.


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