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Is usage of enema harmful in pregnancy?

Q: I am 4 months pregnant. I have the habit of straining after stools for complete evacuation. I felt this might cause problem later in my pregnancy due to excess pressure on the abdomen. I bought an enema set. I am using plain warm water for enema. I use it once in 3-4 days. Will this have any adverse effects on my colon? Will it cause any bad changes in colonic environment? Will it make me prone to infections?

A:As you will be aware most women tend to get constipated during pregnancy, which may worsen as the pregnancy advances. Soap and water enema is helpful and does no harm to the colon. However there are mild laxatives that can be used as suppositories which are to be inserted in the back passage to facilitate bowel movement and in my opinion are better and easier alternatives. I suggest you consult your doctor for a laxative suppository suitable for yourself, as you may find it difficult to self administer enemas as your pregnancy advances.


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