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Is there any treatment for adult hyperactivity?

Q: What is the cure for Adult ADHD? Can meditation or yoga cure it?

A:There are two main groups of adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): a) Those diagnosed as children and still have symptoms, and b) Those who were never diagnosed. The second group is more likely to include females. Pronounced difficulties may only emerge during higher education, or even later in the work world, when environmental demands become more complex. Often there is also a strong family history of ADHD, learning disabilities, or both. There is no definitive diagnostic test for ADHD, although standardised ADHD scales are extremely helpful in understanding current (and past) symptoms. Coexistent psychiatric conditions must be ruled out as they can resemble ADHD (such as depression or anxiety disorders). The goal of assessment is to understand the individuals unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses in order to design appropriate interventions (whether medical, psychosocial, or remedial). The best treatment involves both drug and psychosocial interventions. Drugs include stimulant medications like Ritalin, are usually tried first. Individuals who do not respond to stimulants, or who have comorbid substance abuse problems or depression, may be treated with antidepressants. Generally, medications are better at addressing inattention and hyperactivity than impulsivity. Comorbid illness, if present, affects the choice of drugs. Psychosocial treatment typically involves: (1) Psychotherapy addressing how the ADHD affects the persons life (relationships and functioning), and (2) Education about the disorder. Other helpful strategies include structured external supports like day planners, computers, and coaching, as well as some specialised forms of cognitive therapy.


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