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Is there any harm in making net friends?

Q: I am a 19 years old female. I got into net friendship under the influence of my friends and made 2 net friends. With one I exchanged numbers and he proposed me and we then met twice. He never did any cheap talk with me. I did not accept his proposal but I had feelings for him which he also knew. Due to some misunderstandings we are not in touch anymore. After this incident I started feeling ashamed as my friends consider net friendship cheap and they even discouraged me from it. Then I decided not to indulge in net friendship but the other guy with whom I have net friendship is not wiling to break up. It is 1 year and 5 months now that we have been writing mails to each other and I spoke with him on the phone 4 times. Even he has feelings for me but I ignored. He requested me a lot so I started writing him mails only on one account that I will not give him my number neither will I meet him. He is just happy that I write mails to him but I feel awkward when I face my friends. Is net friendship a bad thing to do? How can I overcome this? I am not able to discuss it with anybody. Why am I looking for social acceptance every time? Why can't I take my own decision as per my will?

A:Its not that net friendship is bad or good. What you need to understand that without personal interaction, the totality of a relationship cannot be judged, as chatting on net, or even on phone might not be the same as real interaction, and the what you feel about the person much be contrasting in real interactions. Also as an adult all of us need to take our individual decisions, we don't need to follow others opinion, at the same time one should hear them, and give them a thought. Do not let your relationships in the real world be affected by your online life.


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