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Is there any cure for diabetes?

Q: I am a 31 years old diabetic man taking ayurvedic medicines for the last 4 months. My sugar levels are decreasing slowly every day. I walk for one and a half hours daily and follow a diet control too. What should I do to cure my diabetes?

A:Unfortunately so far there is no cure for diabetes. Lifestyle and diet intervention that you have mentioned are among the most effective treatments that can delay the progression of disease and need of medications. Even if you are on medications, these interventions can help decrease the dose requirements. Eventually after some years the disease may continue to advance in some people despite all the above measures, and this is a natural course of disease progression. I cannot comment much on the Ayurvedic medication, since the name has not been mentioned by you. For now continue the lifestyle and diet interventions that you are doing and check your blood sugars before meals and sometimes 2 hrs after meals and discuss with your doctor if the blood sugar readings are in a desirable range.


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