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Is there a permanent solution to my teeth problem?

Q: I am 24 years old suffering from cavities in my teeth. I keep going to the dentist for root canal treatment. Once the problem with one tooth is solved, there is a problem with another tooth. I underwent root canal treatment for three teeth till now. I originally had cavity in only one tooth, but after I went for braces, the cavities have spread to other teeth. How do I get rid of my teeth problem once and for all? I brush twice a day. Is there any other care I need to take for my teeth?

A:Cavity formation not only depends upon your teeth, but also on several factors like brushing frequency, method of brushing (efficiency of plaque removal), dietary pattern, previous caries experiences, number of untreated caries in the mouth, etc. This is a slow disease, which normally does not occur overnight or within days. If there are many cavities in your mouth, it must be for a long time, which probably were not noticed by you or the dentist examining you. It is very common that once we have a complaint of the mouth, we become more apprehensive as well as careful so as to diagnose the next as soon as their is a problem. Now you need to go through a comprehensive check-up and then counselling on oral care apart from the treatment being rendered for affected teeth. Braces can also hamper oral cleaning and can be a factor for causation of caries. So, please take elaborate oral care instructions from your orthodontist.


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