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Is shivering of hands and body a hereditary disease?

Q: I am a 37 years old male. At times, my hands and the whole body shivers. This also happens with my father, sisters and my paternal aunt. Is shivering of hands and body a hereditary disease?

A:From what you describe, you are suffering from a tremor. It may well be that you are suffering from what is termed an Essential Tremor. This is the most common type of tremor, and does run in families, as it seems to do in yours. The good news about this type of tremor is that it is rarely associated with other neurological problems, and furthermore there are established treatments available. A note of caution though; if it does become sufficiently severe it can be disabling from the perspective of performing routine, daily tasks. The first thing to do is to establish what kind of tremor you have, and to that end I would suggest you consult a Neurologist. They will be able to take a detailed account of your symptoms, and of course see the tremor for themselves. There are other causes of tremor, some of which also run in families, and some of which are not so benign. It is therefore important for you to seek Neurological advice as recommended.


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