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Is sexuality related to marriage?

Q: I am a 35 years old man, well qualified, well read and well positioned all on my own, because of poverty and too many siblings. My parents never bothered to get their children married in time and I was one of the worst affected as they started looking for an alliance only when I reached 33. Inspite of my qualification, job and overall personality, the parents of girls are not willing to get their daughters married to me. This has lead to problems for me. Every time my alliance seeking effort is turned down, it has a severe impact on my sexual feelings. I don't get erection for days together as a result. I feel that my sexual desire goes on decreasing day by day although there is no statistical proof to say so. What should I do? I am trying my level best to get married but in vain. I am losing confidence day by day even though I am an optimist by nature. I have already consulted a sexologist and he told me to take up pacifying medicines.

A:Marriage and confidence need not be related with each other. I do understand your discomfort about the issue, but it would be good if you do not displace the onus on your family, there are other factors as well, or else your relation with family would get effected. Also sexuality is often a reflection of the overall mental psychosocial framework of an individual, so try and feel good about yourself, and marriage would happen when the right opportunity would arrive.


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