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Is operation the only solution for treating big ovary?

Q: I am 23 years old girl. Since my menses started, I had regular periods with the right flow. However, for the last three to four months, the flow is very less and last month, I didn't get periods?. I had periods last week with less flow. My doctor asked me to go for a sonography and its reports show that there is some solid substance in one of my ovaries. As per the doctor, my ovaries have grown bigger than the normal size. The doctor has asked me to get it operated but I am really sacred of surgery. I have recently joined a new job and also planning to get married soon. Can my problem not be solved with medication? Will I be able to get pregnant? If operation is the only solution, how much will it cost and after how long will I be able to re-join my office? Further, after how long after the operation should I get married and plan for a child? Please guide me.

A:If there is a solid mass in the ovary, it needs to be removed. If there is healthy ovarian tissue present, then only the mass can be removed leaving the healthy tissue alone. You need to get a test called CA 125 done to make sure the mass is a benign one, before the surgery. The cost of the surgery depends on the type of set up you choose for the operation- it is very variable - cannot really help you there, it is free in the government hospitals. If the mass is a simple mass like a dermoid, it is a minor surgery and recovery is within 3-4 weeks, maximum. You can plan a pregnancy as soon as within a few months of the surgery, and there are minimal long-term problems like adhesion formation in some cases. If the mass is a malignant one, then too, surgery is the treatment, but situation is different, and advice can be given only after more tests like a CT Scan etc.


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