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Is my ultrasound report all right?

Q: I am a 28 years old female in to my sixth week of pregnancy. I am suffering from lower abdominal pain for the last 15 days. I consulted a doctor and it was found that I have urine infection. A week back, I underwent for ultrasound and it has reported that my bladder is well outlined by urine, well-defined single intra-uterine gestational sac was seen, no fetal pole, gestational age was five weeks and four days, chorio-decidual reaction and both the ovaries are normal. Luteal cyst was found in left ovary. Now, I am taking medicines - Injection Covion 5000 IU weekly, Injection Susten (200 mg) thrice in a week, Duphastan (10mg) a tablet thrice daily, Folwise once daily, Clavidure (625mg) once daily and Syp Neeri two tablets thrice daily. I am also taking Thyrox (75mg) daily on empty stomach as my TSH level is 9.28. Is it safe to take so many injections during pregnancy? What does my ultrasound report suggest? My doctor was saying that I am having delayed pregnancy.

A:If your LMP was two and a half months back and your periods were regular (once every 28-30 days), then you must be eight weeks pregnant. Looking at your ultrasonography findings, you can get a repeat ultrasound today / tomorrow and by now if the fetal pole and fetal heart are seen, then all is well. You have been prescribed a lot of drugs - none are harmful but probably should have been given after confirming fetal heart.


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