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Is my choking sensation due to anxiety?

Q: I am diagnosed with a history of anxiety neurosis since 1980, and Heart disease (IHD with LBBB) since 1986. I have been consulting my family Doctors and taking medicines regularly as advised, all along. I am scared by a condition which mostly occurs during sleep for a few minutes/seconds. My breath gets choked - I struggle for breath. This was casually attributed to my anxiety neurosis. I have greatly overcome mental tensions of late with regular usage of Revotril 2mg night dose + Clopilet. My blood results are normal. BP is also normal. Can I overcome this terrible choking, if at all? Secondly, can IHD with LBBB ever improve for better? I shall be grateful for your advice on my problems: I am aged 62+.

A:Anxiety neurosis, now known as panic disorder, is characterised by sudden palpitation, ghabrahat, choking, and several other symptoms for a short duration and is self remitting. If the attacks happen frequently, the person has to take medications which restore the chemical disequilibrium that is the cause of the symptoms. The cure is by medications and also by learning relaxation exercises. Also to tell oneself that the sudden choking, or ghabrahat is not something to worry about, and that it would go away in a short while, so not to worry about it. Also you need to take a review from your treating cardiologist for the questions regarding IHD, and also that sometimes breathlessness in sleep needs to be evaluated by them as well.


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