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Is it safe to treat floaters during pregnancy?

Q: I am 31 years old and planning to get pregnant with my first child. I underwent clear lens implantation surgery two years back for both my eyes. Then I had floaters in my right eye for which I was treated with an argon laser. But the floaters do not seem to stop permanently, and I am not getting a clear vision of things. If, during pregnancy, I start getting floaters in my left eye too, will any sort of treatment harm me or my baby's health? What precautions do I need to take for the better health of my baby's eyes?

A:The laser and floaters will neither harm your pregnancy nor your baby. Because you were short-sighted, you chose to have clear lens removal and implant surgery. This has given you floaters and will never go permanently. It will be visible when you look against a bright light or background. Floaters themselves are harmless, but may sometimes indicate retinal tear or detachment. Your eye specialist will examine the periphery of your retina and treat it, if necessary. Sometimes the so-called posterior capsule becomes thickened to affect clarity of vision and that will clear with YAG laser. There is nothing to worry about pregnancy at all. There is a slight possibility of your child being short-sighted, but nothing can be done to help that now.


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