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Is it normal to have sexual fantasies?

Q: I am 34 years old, married man. I have the habit of masturbation for many years. During masturbation I fantasise that my mother or sister is having sex with some other men. Why am I doing this? What is wrong with me? Please help.

A:Fantasy is a situation imagined or created by a person that may not correspond to his/her reality. It might be a single thought or a collection of thoughts, which when visualised, enhances pleasurable feelings. Fantasies might involve situations that are highly unlikely, those that can't be carried out in the real world. It may be that sometimes we find our fantasies unacceptable and sacrilegious and thus are troubled by them. However, one must realise that these fantasies are a product of our mind and the human mind has the potential to think of anything and everything. The content and form of these fantasies may also be irrational, invalid or even nonsensical and its OK to have such kind of fantasies. What is more important is our ability to judge and assess the thoughts that can be acted out and those that cannot be and then move accordingly.


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