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Is it harmful to use Aspirin during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 24 years old married woman. I am 5 feet, 4 inches tall and I weigh 54 kg. I had an abortion last year in the 9th month of my pregnancy. The doctor suspected it to be an accidental haemorrhage and later on there was some problem in the flow of blood in my body. I was operated and a 2 kg still male boy was taken out. It happened all of a sudden and without any prior feeling blood started coming in large amount. I was taken to the hospital in 15 minutes and was kept on labour for 6-7 hours. Later I was operated. I was given 9 units of blood and FFP. Its been a year since the incident. I want to plan for a baby again. I was suggested by a doctor to go for a anti phospho lipid screen test and it was positive LA confirmed. THS (Thyroid stimulating test) was done and the result was 1.63ulU/ml, which is normal. My haemoglobin is 12 gms/dl. My doctor suggested to try for a child by the natural method and I have started taking folic acid tablets as per her advice. But she told me that whenever I will conceive, I will be given a small amount of Asprin tablet everyday till the 9th month of my pregnancy. I have read that Asprin is harmful during pregnancy. Please suggest. I have no family history of any disease and I never had a miscarriage before.

A:Aspirin is given in small doses (not the dose used for fever or relieving pain) during pregnancy for certain definite indications, and it is beneficial. One of the indications is being positive for LA. I trust the confirmatory test was done. I cannot think of which injection would be required on a daily basis for 9 months! Best is to check with your gynaecologist. No doctor minds answering questions, especially when they are from patients like you who have gone through a rough time. Have trust in your gynaecologist, and the Almighty. Important point to remember is that you should be under the care of an experienced gynaecologist and be registered for delivery in a tertiary care hospital with all blood component facilities and a neonatal ICU.


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