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Is it alright to be involved in a relationship with a married man?

Q: I am a 27-year-old divorcee. I came across a married man in my college, to whom I disclosed my past life and now trust him. His wife and 11-month-old daughter are in Germany. We also have physical relations. He says he loves me a lot in spite of being married. He loves his wife too. There is no problem in his married life. His wife is happy with him. In fact I am also happy with this relationship because he gave me all the things, which my ex-husband lacked in giving me i.e. love. I know that he loves me a lot, but sometimes I get confused as to why he loves me when his married life is smooth. Its because of his love that I was able to come out of my depression after my divorce. I started laughing, enjoying life just because of him. He tries to give me happiness and do all the things which he can for me. I don't have any regrets out of this relationship. I enjoy sex with him also. I have become so possessive about him that I feel jealous when he talks to his wife. He has gone to Germany for a few days but he calls me when he gets an opportunity. That proves that he loves me. We both know that we can't marry but we share a relationship of husband and wife. Is it possible for a married person to love another woman simultaneously? Is it normal to have such a relationship? I know I have to marry someone and my would-be will help me to forget him. I am enjoying my life with him. Is the person I am in love with, genuine or not?

A:To say whether a person is genuine or not by a description alone would not be the right thing to do. More so, what others feel is secondary to personal meaning and feelings. I feel that its up to you to evaluate this relationship, based on your experiences, and also on how you feel it would be in future. Life is a longitudinal axis, and it is important for us to be able to understand how it would shape in future, and based on this you need to move on in your life.


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