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Is having a corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy a cause of worry?

Q: I am a 33 years old female into my eighth week of pregnancy. I have an eight years old daughter. I also had a miscarriage two years back. My doctor has started giving me Susten 200 (Orally) from sixth week of pregnancy. I went for the first ultrasound two days back and the results say that there is minimal internal subchorionic bleeding inside. The fetus size and heart beat are normal and I have a corpus luteum cyst measuring 3.84X3.51 cm. As per the Radiologist, the fetus is normal. I am worried about the internal bleeding and cyst. What should I do?

A:Having a corpus luteum cyst in early pregnancy is a normal physiological finding. There is absolutely nothing to worry about this cyst. It is one of the pregnancy changes in the ovary and has a significant role in helping the pregnancy to grow until the placenta takes over this function. This cyst spontaneously resolves (disappears) later in pregnancy. It does not need any treatment. It is (obviously) reassuring to note that the fetus appeared normal for its (gestational) age. The minimal subchorionic bleed that was noted on the scan is not uncommon to find in early pregnancy. Over 90% of women with this finding, in the presence of normal fetal heart rate go on to have a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. This is true even if you get slight bleeding in early pregnancy.


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