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Is erectile dysfunction common in diabetics?

Q: I am 56 years old, diabetic for about 19 years. Sugar levels are under control with tablets. No diet control. I am very active and walk 4 kms a day. Retired life, no tensions, no booze, no smoke. Sex life very good. Three months before I had severe urinary infection and was treated successfully with Baycip. This is the second infection in a year. Immediately after this I found that I cannot maintain erection. I lose it as soon as I penetrate. For your information I underwent pneumolithotripsy.

A:Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon especially in patients with diabetes. I would suggest you have a lipid profile done in a fasting state and discuss it with your doctor. Please also check if your blood pressure is normal and if you are on any medicines for it. Do you have any other medical problems? I would prefer to hold my advice till then. However, rest assured that treatment results are good.


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