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Is a third c-section safe?

Q: I am 32 years old and recently had a second c-section baby. I would like to know that if I conceive again, will I have to go for c-section again? Will it be risky to get pregnant again? We are planning for two more babies, could you please detail us if any risk is involved? Moreover, I would like to know how long does it take for the complete healing of the stitches?

A:After 2 c-sections, the next delivery is always by c-section. If you have only one baby, and want 1 more- it is OK. However, if you have 2 already, you should think twice about going through another pregnancy. If the operation has been done well - the risk of scar rupture during next pregnancy is low - around 0.5%. However, every time one opens the tummy, there is chance of adhesion formation and its consequences. Also, every operation carries its own risks. A C-section is not that simple- there is chance of injuring the urinary bladder every time one does it - more so after every previous operation. Also, other problems like hernia formation should be considered.


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