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Is a root canal safe during pregnancy?

Q: I have a question regarding root canal and pregnancy. I may have to get a root canal and an x-ray done. Since a protective wrap would cover my belly, is it possible to still do the x-ray? I have had an ongoing problem with a tooth. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I am not comfortable with the idea of having only a partial root canal or waiting until the baby is born. I have also learnt that my symptoms could be bad for my baby or lead to problems due to the infection. Under these circumstances, what is your opinion of having the complete root canal done, x-rays and all? Or do my symptoms suggest something else?

A:There is absolutely no reason why you cannot go ahead with an X-ray and then get the root canal treatment. A lead apron will be used during the X-ray. Dental treatment is safe during the second trimester.


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