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I was forced to marry against my wishes, what should I do?

Q: I am 34 years old and married since 8 years. I am not able to have sexual intercourse with my wife. The reason being that I was convinced to marry the girl who I didn't like. This lead to agony and sorrow and I still don't feel like having sex with her. Should I divorce? I like other women and satisfy myself by regular masturbation. My wife is insisting to adopt a child or get a child by putting my sperm into her medically. But I think it will further complicate the matter. Please help.

A:How can an adult be forced to marry. You had the choice of protesting to your parents and saying no, approaching the girl or her parents and telling them that you are being forced, going away from the venue of marriage, taking help of your friends and relatives etc. to stop this marriage. Because you did not have the courage to do anything about it you are taking it out on your wife. It is very easy to suppress a woman and deny her rights. Come back to your senses. Take responsibility of your actions and start a normal life with your wife. You may take help of a marriage counsellor along with your wife if you have any problems. Many persons who marry girls of their choice may also not be happy as we all know. Make the best of your decision.


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