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I want to stay away from women, what do I do?

Q: I am an engineering student, 21 years old. I want to pursue studies further and enjoy a highly intellectual life. I also want to practice celibacy in my life. I stay in a hostel away from my parents. I don't see anything vulgar or talk to any girl in my college. I stay as far as possible from feminine prowess. I read vedic scriptures and the Bhagvad Gita, to control and suppress all my material desires. Sometimes I do masturbate, since I get wet dreams. But, I am a completely normal and a free-thinking person. I don't think I am gay. I falter at my attempts at the sight of a girl. It gives me a good feeling but I know it's all in the mind. I think a woman may be a hindrance to my intellectual and simple living. Can you tell me some inexpensive medical or mental tips to control myself in any situation? I practice yoga early morning for roughly 15 minutes daily. Please help.

A:Normality of our life is dependent on our well-being and physical and psychological levels, and if our overall social and occupational life is going healthy then there is no concern that one needs to have. As for the feeling of attraction, it is normal and cannot be controlled, and as long as it does not have detrimental effects on life, its very much normal, and masturbation medically speaking is normal, and does not cause any physical or psychological harm.


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