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I want to know about the syrup Cefolac?

Q: I want to know all about the syrup Cefolac oral suspension? Can I use this for my child who is 9 months old?

A:Cefolac is the brand name of an antibiotic called cefixime combined with lactobacillus. Such a combination is not permitted in any advanced, western country. Cefolac (due to cefixime) is not allowed to be used in infants below 6 months of age. Even over 6 months it should be used only when there is clear need i.e. bacterial infection (in the respiratory or urinary tact) that does not respond to other less potent antibiotics with much less side effects. It must not be given when viral infection (most common in lungs disorder) is suspected. Its side effects include: allergic reactions, angio-oedema (swelling of the face), Liver inflammation, jaundice, and stomach disturbances. Headache, dizziness, rashes. Acute kidney failure, fits, low white cell count. Very rarely inflammation of the colon. Toxic epidermal necrolysis (very serious). In India, as per a WHO survey, over 60 per cent of prescriptions for antibiotics are actually not clinically required.


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