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I doubt my boyfriend is lying to me, what should I do?

Q: About half a year ago, my boyfriend lied to me about going to a club. After finding out about it and then discussing it, we came to a conclusion that he only lied to me because he didn't want me to get mad and he'll never lie to me again. Recently, there was another situation where he went and wished my arch enemy a happy birthday, knowing that I will be mad about it. I know for certain that there is nothing between them and he only wished her because she attended his birthday last year. But I can't seem to trust him when he tells me that he only wished her. Another friend of mine told me that he and my enemy were supposed to have dinner together. When I asked him about it, he said that he only wished her and they didn't talk about dinner at all. After confronting him several times and getting the same answer, he asked me why do I trust someone else's words other than his? I told him because he has lied to me before. How can I trust him again?

A:One needs to understand and appreciate the context before generalisation to trust. In a relationship, open communication is more important, and the space given to individuality with trust matters more than imposing self views.


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