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I can't control my emotions and get angry, what should I do?

Q: I got married last year and since then I have some problems. I cannot control my emotions and get angry at anything said to me. I feel that my husband doesn't love me. He says he doesn't like me and will leave me whenever we quarrel. We don't have a child. I got myself checked several times but doctors say that there is no problem. They asked to get my husband semen test done. Since then my husband stopped the checkup. As a result every time it remained incomplete. I don't know why do I feel angry and depressed nowadays. I am afraid that my husband will leave me forever. I don't want that to happen. He always points at me by saying that I am bad and I have to change. I tried but I can't. I know everybody dislikes me including my husband. Some of his friends also insult me. My husband says that its my fault. I am always under tension about everything and as a result I suffer from acidity and gastric problems. I love my husband very much. Please help me. I feel very lonely.

A:From what you report, your problem seems to be stemming partly from the fact that you are unable to have a hold on your emotions and reactions and partly because of the inability of significant others in your life to understand you. Because of this you and your husband are not able to develop and nurture the relationship that you both share. My advise to you would be to talk to your husband explaining to him how this is not healthy for both of you. I am sure even he must be feeling the same. Explain to him how despite your efforts you are unable to deal with it and would want him to help you. Seeking a professional help of a counselor would be beneficial.


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