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I am tense about my intercaste marriage; what should I do?

Q: I am 27 years old girl having a relationship with a guy. It is almost finalised that I will marry him. But from last more than one week, my relationship with him is going up and down and I fight a lot with him nowadays and I am taking too much tension about how I will stay with his parents after marriage or whether I will be able to manage as it is a total intercaste marriage. He is a south Indian and I am a Gujarati. So because of all this thought process going on, I am under a lot of tension. From last 2 days I'm having a little bleeding though my periods are already over. It is not continuos but once a day or two times. I want to know that whether this bleeding is due to tension. What should I do?

A:Some amount of apprehension and tension in the period before the wedding in many instances is quite normal, especially in the kind of circumstances that you report. It is difficult to judge from your report if the issues are significant enough for you to consider any change. You may consider talking with a friend or family member who you can trust and who you believe would understand your apprehensions, or even your fiance! It does not seem a very helpful thing, for your own wellbeing and health, that you have not shared your concerns with anyone. Do consider this option and then decide whether you need to go for a professional consultation or not. The menstrual problem you have mentioned is very possibly due to the psychological tension, and should get okay with time.


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