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I am in love with a girl, will she accept me?

Q: I am a 24 years old M.Tech student. I am in love with a girl who is in her 2nd year B.E. She hails from a middle class background. But I don't know whether she is in love with me or not and will she agree for marriage in future. I am an average student and I have got some arrears in M.Tech, due to which I am losing my confidence. I believe that she is in love with a guy who is studying with her. He is not as rich as me but he is a merit student and smart to look at. I am not that handsome to attract her although she is somewhat beautiful and brilliant too. I will land up in a mediocre job shortly. I don't know what to do. I am really scared of facing a failure in love, if she falls in love with her college boyfriend. Kindly give me some tips to tackle myself to face this extremely humiliating situation. Should I leave the girl forever or should I continue my romance with her?

A:Most of the things you have written are at thought level, and hypothetical. I feel that you need to understand that love relationship has to be mutual only then it works, and the parameters like money, looks, merit in academics and all, matter different for different people, as its what one likes which decides the course of a relationship and what you think are good enough reasons, others might not. If there is a feeling of love, I feel it has to be expressed, if reciprocated good, and if the desired response is not given, one has to appreciate it and move on in one's life. There is nothing to feel bad about this, as people have their own reasons for having relationships. Also your overall focus in your life, including academics, social relations and self care should be continued while all this is going on in your mind so that life moves on.


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