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I am disturbed by the modern woman's attitude, what should I do?

Q: I have been brought up thinking that Indian culture is the best but of late, I feel that our culture is eroding which has caused me great concern. I believe that the root cause of this erosion are women. I respect women a lot but I am quite depressed and feel bad seeing their boldness and inclination to be equal to men. They talk about sex and indulge in such acts openly. Everyday I see young girls and middle-age women from decent families smoking and moving around with guys, hugging them and indulging in physical relations openly. This worries me as to where our culture is going. Now I have started suspecting each and every woman. I am losing respect for them and believe that all of them are characterless. I am going to get married and I am worried about my relation with my wife. How can I get over this problem? I want to preserve our culture and would like to inculcate good cultural moralities in my child.

A:There is no denying the fact that lots of things are under the process of change in our society, which is in a transition phase. Adapting to these changes can be difficult for all involved. However, it is important to avoid fanaticism and a very rigid or judgemental attitude towards these changes, freedom of choice should be extended to all. I think you should not be judging all women you meet based on their outward behaviour. Since you are going to be married soon, it would be helpful to keep an open mind so that you give each other enough time and space. This would help in forging a good understanding in your relationship. It is important to be equipped with the fact that trials and tribulations are part of any relationship and the bottom line is to start on this beautiful journey with trust, respect and consistency in order to work through a relationship. Take each day as a discovery in the relationship. You will feel enriched and content.


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