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I am depressed and anxious, what should I do?

Q: My problem is concerned mainly with anxiety and depression. Actually I am suffering from anxiety disorder for more than three years. I have visited two or three psychiatrist but in vain. They have given me some medicines which I had taken as they were prescribed. Firstly when I took the medicines I felt very good for about three or four months but after that the symptoms of disease came back. I continued the medicines but there was no affect after that. Actually my problem is that I feel very anxious all the time. Due to this anxiety, I cant live up to my life i.e. I cant live it normally as other people do. Some of the problems which I face is communication problem, I cant communicate well with other people due to this problem, cant concentrate, there is crowding of thoughts in my mind all the times and negative attitude is also there. I request you to please suggest some solution to this problem.

A:You need to be in constant touch with your doctor, to enable him to regulate your medication. You must report the developments and recurrence of problems. In case you are not satisfied with the present doctor, try taking a second opinion. In addition to medication, you will benefit from psychotherapy or counselling. Ask your psychiatrist to suggest names of a clinical psychologist or counsellor for the same. You could avail of necessary services at any major hospitals psychiatry department.


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