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I am a diabetic, can I consume soda?

Q: I am a diabetic with reasonably controlled blood sugar. I am very fond of soda mixed with lime. I often drink it. Can I consume as much soda as I want? Does soda contain sugar?

A:Soda has no sugar. You could drink soda and lime as long as you don't add sugar to it. However, instead of having lime juice, I would prefer if you consume sweet lime as a fruit. It gives you fibre that helps bind free sugar that you take, when you take only the juice. Although you have been unable to furnish details of age and sex, if you suffer from hypertension, please resort to lemon / lime with water or lime as a fruit rather than soda as it may be a factor in elevating your blood pressure when taken for a long time in a continuous fashion. Go for natural, the closer the food to the nature, the better for you, take the fruit, skip the soda.


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