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How to treat teeth pain in children?

Q: My son, who is now 14, has been suffering several times a year with pain in his teeth which hurts enough that he has difficulty in eating. I think when he was younger, it was usually his front teeth, but now he always says its his molars. He has never had a cavity. The dentist says he doesnt need braces, and over the years, he has been seen by the Pediatrician, a Pediatric Dentist and out family Dentist for this. No one has a clue and I am tired of not being able to help him. Thanks!

A:I am surprised that your child has been examined by a paediatric dentist and you have not been able to find out the cause of persistent pain. The apparent pain could be due to hidden cavity between the teeth, gum disease or even erupting teeth. Since your child must have cut number of teeth between 9-13 years wherein permanent teeth erupt and milk teeth shed, can also be the cause of pain. Well it is difficult to assess the real cause of pain unless the patient is examined and investigated (X-rays etc).


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